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  • 1:00 through 12:00 HOURLY doses uses are for pain blockers and antibiotics.  Perfect for post surgery medications.
  • Four international symbols signify meals and bedtime doses.  Users decide which symbols apply to their specific medication instructions.
  • Vials are included with your DialCap - Ask your pharmacist to label your DialCap vial for increased safety.
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Vial(s) Included  - For added safety, ask your pharmacist to label your DialCap vial(s).

Choose the DialCap(s) that's right for you.  Designed with you in mind:

  • Arrow shaped windows indicate the turning direction for your next dose. 
  • Large digits enable visual ease.
  • Unique ARTHRITIS FRIENDLY shape to open & close with a flat palm.
  • Triangular shape minimizes out of reach incidents or those with mobility issues.