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The DialCap / Individually or 3 Pack Options

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What's Included:

- DialCap(s)

- Vials for each (containers)

The Better Standard for Pill Caps

• Simple Dial System allows you to manually set the time of your next dose.

•Triangular shaped design gives you a better grip. Easier for those with arthritis.

• Knock it over and it won't roll off the table.

• Made from polypropylene, the same material used in the standard prescription caps.

• 100% safe for medications.

• 100% child safety test score.

• Fits most prescription bottles, including CVS.

• Each Dialcap comes with its own bottle.


Moneyback Guarantee 

As a company policy we guarantee shipment on or before the date mentioned on this website. In case there is a delay beyond that, all customers will be informed and if anyone needs to cancel we can cancel free of charge.