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The DialCap | (3 Pack) *Pre-Order

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What's Included in Your Pre-Order

- All (3) DialCap Types

  • AM/PM
  • Hourly
  • Daily

- (3) Vials

- (3) Writeable Labels

Estimated Shipment Date


Moneyback Guarantee 

As a company policy we guarantee shipment on or before the date mentioned on this website. In case there is a delay beyond that, all customers will be informed and if anyone needs to cancel we can cancel free of charge.

Why Pre-order?

The DialCap is brand new to the market. By Pre-ordering, you are helping to bring this idea to life, decreasing the amount of start up funding it would take to get this product into production.. You get to be one of the first people in history to use the DialCap!